"I've been to Harlem Zen twice within the past month (Angela is an angel!) and had laser treatment for a bad scar as well as cystic acne. I've never had laser treatment before and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The unsightly scar (the result of me extracting a pimple that went very wrong) showed significant improvement within 48 hours. Nothing I used prior to visiting Angela worked - that includes scar gels, creams, aloe, vitamin E, etc. I mean this scar was so hideous, strangers would come up to me and ask what happened!

This prompted me to contact Angela for a consultation, but when I arrived she immediately went to work on my skin, reassuring and guiding me along the way. She thoroughly explained the laser process, what was happening to my skin and the best regimen for my skin type. The entire process took no more than 20-30 minutes and it was affordable!

I received so many compliments about my glowing skin following my treatment that I began singing Angela's praises everywhere I went. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars at this time is because the two laser treatments I had did not have any effect on improving my cystic acne. However, after further discussing this with Angela (yes, she actually follows up with you after the treatment to see how your skin is doing), I realize that this may be resolved by her simply increasing the laser setting. I certainly appreciate that as a new client, she was a little more conservative with the laser settings until determining what my skin can handle - better safe than sorry!

I have to tell you, I've been searching for a qualified Esthetician for over a year now. I was spoiled and pampered by Gladys at GTL Skincare for 14 years, and was devastated when she closed her business in 2014. I thought that no one could ever fill her shoes but now I stand to be corrected because I know I'm in good hands with Angela.

Angela has made me a believer and I look forward to achieving a flawless complexion from this highly skilled and caring professional.

Former GTL Skincare clients, get in here before everyone discovers this hidden gem in Harlem!"

-Miss L ., NYC

"Great environment. Caring environment. Great atmosphere."

-Carlotta C.,  NYC

"If you are looking for a true zen experience where you not only experience a great facial and laser but also receive caring advice and an open ear - Harlem Zen is the place! You can choose between organic and non-organic products as you are treated to a serene session. I usually don't write reviews but I was compelled to highlight this quality business. It treats its clients as if each is the only one - with care and love. It is refreshing to know that in this day there is still genuine service that exists, especially when it comes to beauty care. I had a laser facial and laser hair treatment - and through each step Angela talked me through it and made sure I was comfortable. weeks later I am still happy with the results. I highly recommend Harlem Zen!"

-Elizabeth P.,  NYC

"I had an overall relaxing and informative experience. The studio is spotless, the atmosphere is ZEN. I felt refreshed and ready for the world. I look forward to my next appointment."

-Morgen,  NYC

"I love Harlem Zen! Definitely book your next appointment here! I am impressed by the time and she takes with each service to explain the process. Her bedside manner is incredible and because she is passionate I think it makes the experience so much more wonderful. I have had quite a few services done by her but today I will like to rave about henna for your hair. She recommended I do this because I transitioned and my hair was dry and uncooperative. I saw immediate results. My hair was more manageable, it grew and it covered my grey hairs. My first Henna service lasted over a month for my grey hairs. This treatment can be done on all types of hair and it its healthier for your hair. Please try this treatment from her she makes everything with love and now my I have " Happy Hair" "

-Adanna A.,  NYC

"She was very professional. She saw me at my scheduled appointment. She described step by step the procedure I was getting done before hand. She discussed how I should treat my skin afterwards."

-Sharon M.,  NYC

"Going to Harlem Zen is always an experience! Angela is Amazing and knowledgeable about the process. Her Love and Passion for Skin is a Bonus for me as a Client!!"

-Sumayah,  NYC

"Great service and wonderful treatment. Angela really knows what she is doing and the treatment is pretty painless. I will be back for additional treatments!"

-Tiffany L.,  NYC

"Love Angela. She has dramatically improved my skin's health and apperance. Such a sweet honest person."

-Asantewaa,  NYC

"I must say I had a great experience at Harlem Zen.I'm getting the skin tightening done on my stomache and the results are instantly impressive. Angela was very personable and makes you feel comfortable. I love Harlem Zen! Definitely book your next appointment here!"

-Iasia S.,  NYC

"Miss Angela knows her profession and goes above and beyond in providing quality service. She takes her time to ensure that her work is detailed to perfection."

-Paula M.,  NYC

"The technician is very thorough and personable. She's very concerned about achieving your desired results."

-Francine B.,  NYC